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that fuels your marketing strategy!

Why Content Creation Partners?

We understand your challenges

Content Creation Partners (CCP) was founded by Margie Gurwin, a Marketing Executive with 25 years’ experience heading up in-house marketing teams for high-tech B2B companies. She “gets” the need for educational and entertaining content that's distinct from technical writing or superficial ad copy. She also can advise on the many ways to maximize its value through free and paid media opportunities.

We love

digging deep

We move beyond the elevator pitch to really study up on your technologies and services, and then figure out how to communicate complex ideas in ways that engage your target audience and resonate with their concerns. CCP will work with you to create a library of content to connect with prospects and customers, build their trust,  develop relationships and, ultimately, drive sales.

Our services

are flexible

CCP can help as little or as much as you like...whether it's developing written content that you can format yourself and repurpose as you please, or delivering finished, professionally designed collateral for print and digital distribution. A network of CCP marketing partners offer affordable social media and graphic design support as desired.

Our niche

In today’s world of digital B2B marketing, content may be king, but it’s also one of the greatest on-going challenges for marketing executives to deliver. Crafting the high-value, substantive messaging that serves as the foundation for quality content often requires the experience and talent of higher level executives, whose many competing responsibilities push content creation to the back burner.

If you’re a marketing or management executive looking for a partner to help execute on your content strategy, CCP is here for you.

We specialize in serving the security market, but have experience within a wide range of B2B industries.


Whether you simply need written content to format yourself and repurpose as you please, or seek finished, professionally designed collateral for print and digital distribution, CCP can take the pain out of getting it done.


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