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Content Creation Partners was founded by Margie Gurwin, a veteran Marketing Executive with 25 years’ experience heading up in-house marketing teams for high-tech B2B companies, mostly within the security industry. As the internet and inbound marketing transformed the communications strategies of the companies where she worked, she found it difficult to find vendors who could write blogs, articles, case studies and whitepapers with the level of sophistication necessary to "speak the language" of her specialized audience. Balancing the need for technical accuracy with content that was engaging and interesting to read? To quote Tony Soprano, "Fugheddaboutit."

The assumption that other marketing execs were sharing her frustrations, and a conviction that she could do something about it, was the impetus for founding Content Creation Partners. At CCP, Margie and a team of talented and experienced B2B writers deliver pitch-perfect content that, beyond representing our clients' products and services, communicates their vision, industry insights and success stories. We're proud to see so many of the CEOs, CTOs and CMOs we work with putting their names on CCP-written content. That's how we know we're doing something right!

CCP fills the void of for-hire marketing professionals who can absorb and synthesize the more technical aspects of a businesses’ products and services, identify strategic ways to package that information into marketing content, and then actually sit down and write it.

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